Protect Your Images

This method is not 100% infallible but it will deter all but the most knowledgeable and persistent thieves. What we are doing here is embedding your graphic as a background and covering it with a transparent gif image. When the thief saves the graphic they are unknowingly saving the transparent graphic. Use the wizard for each of the images you wish to protect.

If you do not know how to make a transparent gif or do not have one on hand click on this LINK to obtain one. This is also an example of how the code works. It looks like you are saving an image but you only get the transparent gif. Right click on the image to save it.

Image Name & URL.
Alt Text for your image.
Width of your image in pixels.
Height of your image in pixels.
What size border do you want around your image.
Name & Url of transparent gif.
Your transparent gif should have a generic name like img7865.gif to further confuse thieves.

Paste the script into the body
of your document where you want the image to appear.