Affiliate Link Cloaker.

This wizard cloaks your affilaite link by placing the call to your affiliate link in a frameset. That way your site URL and not the affilate link URL appears in the address bar. While your affiliate link is still in the source code it is partialy cloaked by the fact that right clicking on the document will only show the source code of the host page, not your frameset. If View Source is selected from the menu then your source will show a FAKE Code Viewing Violation message. The rest of the code is run together in one line to make the reading of it more difficult. Although you could further encrypt the code with JavaScript or special characters this may effect how the host site reads your affilate link. There is no point encrypting your link to the page where the host cannot read it and pay you your proper commission.

Enter your complete affiliate link including the http://:

Here is your Affiliate Link Page.
Save the document and upload it to your server.