Create Doorway Pages.

This wizard creates doorway pages or simple templet pages.

The script includes meta tags, and a basic body. The body attributes are standardized with black text and blue links on a white background. Any blank boxes will not be scriptd.

Simply enter the your details, then copy and paste the output script into a text or html editor and save.

To create a number of doorway pages, simply return to the form and make only the changes required and then create the page again.

Behind The Scenes

Do You Want To Allow Microsoft To Insert Smart Tags In Your Document

Title Tag (use major keywords in title)


Site description (keep it concise using your keywords)

Publisher (Publisher's Name)


Copyright Details

Allow search engine to index the page - index/noindex

Allow search engine to follow links to other pages - follow/nofollow

Tell search engine when to return - 30 days/45 days etc

Page Content

Heading For Page

Text For Page (You can use HTML script here, and use plenty of keywords in your text)

Enter full URL of page linked to (eg

Enter text for link (use main keywords)

Enter your email address

Enter text for email link

Here is your html script. Copy and paste it into
your favourite text/html editor or save it to your hard drive.